What is a Chevy Express Cutaway Truck?

May 5th, 2021 by

2021 Chevy Cutaway Van

Are you looking for a reliable and capable way to haul and store cargo for your company or small business? If so, then a Chevy Express 3500 Cutaway or Chevy Express 4500 Cutaway truck might be the right solution for you! Often referred to as a box truck, a Cutaway Truck is a truck or van that has a separate compartment for the passengers and the cargo itself. So what makes a Chevy Express Cutaway such a tempting proposition for your business? Take some time to learn more about the difference between a cargo and a cutaway truck, and then check our online inventory to find yours today.

Difference Between Cargo Van and Cutaway Trucks

While a cargo van shares a cabin with its cargo, a cutaway truck like the Chevy Express Cutaway is sold as a cab on a chassis or with pre-selected upfits that separate you from your goods. This offers modular customization for your exact needs. Whether you’re a florist doing dozens of deliveries or a plumber in need of space for tools of the trade, you’ll find exactly what you need with a Chevy Cutaway Truck. No matter if you need a Chevy 3500 HD Cutaway or something even more heavy-duty, we can help you find the Chevy Cutaway Truck you need.

What Kinds of Drivers Need a New Chevy Express Cutaway?

Still not entirely sure which kind of truck is going to be the perfect fit for your Saugus and Chelsea job sites? If you’ve been going back and forth, weighing the benefits of the classic pickup build with those offered by a Cutaway Truck model, we’re here to help you decide:

  • Cutaway Truck models are more versatile than pickups with classic beds. That’s because they can be configured to suit a wide variety of specific needs and purposes.
  • While a conventional pickup might be slightly better suited to towing, Cutaway Truck models generally offer higher maximum payload capacities.

Now that you’ve had a chance to see why a driver might choose a Chevy Cutaway Truck, find out what different kinds of Cutaway Truck bodies are available!

Find Your Chevy Cutaway Truck at Pride Chevrolet, Inc.

Are you in the market for a capable Chevy that can handle your heaviest payloads? Don’t start your search anywhere other than Pride Chevrolet, Inc.! We’ll go above and beyond to ensure that you find a new Chevy Cutaway Truck for sale with everything you need to accomplish your toughest to-dos with ease.

Not seeing what you’re searching for here? Take advantage of our vehicle finder service, and we’ll let you know as soon as we find the perfect model. If you have any questions about our stock, or you’re wondering how to proceed, don’t wait to reach out! We’ll happily talk you through your options.

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