What is the Difference Between a Panoramic Roof and a Sunroof?

June 29th, 2021 by

Man opening sunroof on Chevy Malibu

When you’re looking to provide extra relaxation on drives around East Boston, many popular models offer a panoramic roof or sunroof, but what is the difference between a panoramic roof and sunroof? During your research for a new car, you may find that sunroof and panoramic roofs can be used interchangeably. However, they do have their differences. Follow along with parts experts from Pride Chevrolet, Inc. to compare the sunroof vs. panoramic roof and see which one will enhance your nightly Swampscott drives. 

What is a Sunroof?

When you’re comparing a sunroof vs. panoramic roof, sunroof is seen as the general name of the panel on the roof of a car. Typically, Chevrolet vehicles with a sunroof are made of steel or glass and have an electric motor that allows it to open at a touch of a button. Different types of sunroofs will either slide back to let in the natural light around Swampscott or tilt upwards for a gentle breeze. 

What is a Panoramic Roof?

What is the difference between a panoramic roof and a sunroof? Often categorized as a sunroof, a panoramic roof is typically made of laminated glass that spans both the front and rear seats to provide natural lighting inside the cabin and an overall airy feeling. Found on some new vehicles and luxury models, this system can feature multiple panels that can be fixed or operable for front and rear passengers.

Choosing a Sunroof vs. Panoramic Roof

When trying to decide between a panoramic roof and sunroof, there are a couple factors you should consider. While both a panoramic roof and sunroof provide a new look at the landscapes around Revere, you should consider investing in additional tint or a blind for extra protection when the weather gets warm. You should also consider your interior space demands. If you often travel with passengers, the additional panel on the top of the vehicle can reduce the overall headroom for passengers. 

Discover Chevrolet Models with Pride Chevrolet, Inc.!

Deciding between the panoramic roof and sunroof comes down to preference, but there’s no doubt that added views can liven up your Lynn drives. If you want to explore models with panoramic views, reach out to the team at Pride Chevrolet, Inc. to schedule a walkthrough and test drive of models with a sunroof or panoramic roof. If you’re looking at an electric Chevy model with a panoramic roof or sunroof, be sure to check out our tips on preparing your home for an electric vehicle

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