How Often Should I Change The Oil in My Chevy Work Vehicle?

April 2nd, 2021 by

oil change on a car

If you own a tough work vehicle like aChevy Silverado 3500 HD or anExpress Cargo 2500, you want to keep it running on Revere roads for years to come. How often should you perform a Chevy work truck oil change? Should a commercial truck oil change be done as frequently as work van oil change? The service experts at Pride Chevrolet, Inc. have all the answers! 

Commercial Truck or Work Van Oil Change Intervals

How often a commercial truck oil change should be done can be different than that of a work van oil change. Here are the different frequencies for each:

Light Duty Vehicle (i.e. a work van oil change)

  • Low frequency – 3,000-5,000 miles
  • Average frequency – 5,000 miles
  • Low frequency – up to 10,000 miles

Heavy Duty Vehicle (i.e. a commercial truck oil change)

  • High frequency – 13,000-16,000 miles
  • Low frequency – up to 50,000 miles
  • Average frequency – 25,000 miles

Diesel Vehicles

  • Some can go past the 50,000 mile mark

How Do I Know How Often to Do a Commercial Truck Oil Change?

There are multiple factors that determine how often to perform a work van oil change:

Manufacturer Recommendation – Each vehicle’s manufacturer specifies in a vehicle’s documentation how often the oil should be changed:

Oil Quality – Do you use synthetic oil or conventional oil in your vehicle? It makes a difference as to how often to perform a Chevy work truck oil change. Synthetic oil generally stays clean longer than conventional oil.

Driving Conditions – If your vehicles do mostly local transport in a lot of stop and go Saugus traffic, or have to deal with steep inclines or other road conditions that tax an engine, then your work van oil change will need to be done more frequently.

Engine Condition – Sometimes, the frequency of a heavy-duty commercial truck oil change isn’t just about mileage. Some companies monitor the health and age of the engines in their fleet vehicles to determine when an oil change should be done.

Climate – Extreme temperatures can have an impact on oil viscosity. Operating a vehicle in extreme heat can thin out oil, whereas operating the vehicle in extreme cold can thicken it up. Neither situation is good for an engine, and you may have to perform a Chevy work truck oil change sooner rather than later.

Trust Your Vehicles to the Oil Change Experts

Theoil change professionals at Pride Chevrolet, Inc. of Lynn can tell you how often your vehicle’s oil should be changed. And they’ll get it done right, the first time. We understand you’re busy,soschedule an appointment online. We’re just down the road from Chelsea, so drop by or contact us today!

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